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LIFE'S MOSAICS is a women's group led by Executive Pastor Alicia Figueras-Lambert, an extension of Church of Divine Revelation, Pastor Leslie Lambert. We are about having dialogs with important people, people that shape our future and people who matter.  This is an open forum for everyone to participate in, no matter the ethnic origin, age, gender, orientation, etc., to create a safe place to express and provide not only comfort but solutions.  If you were born from 1985 - 2000 or so...we want to kick it with you.

Bring your friends, family, ideas and whatever it takes to bring together a possible wandering tribe.  We are all art and each day we try to perfect our art thus making us an artwork in progress.  

Alicia Figueras-Lambert is a Mother, Business Owner and First Lady with a heart of gold creating a platform to have REAL conversations with REAL results, while bringing women together in a no judgement environment.

 alicia figueras-lambert 


Alicia Figueras-Lambert, reigns from Long Island, NY and is a proud Black/Latina that has a passion in her heart for today's youth, veterans and the incarcerated.  She has an eclectic background from being a retired veteran/drug interdiction agent, she ran for New York State Governor (2010), to teaching cognitive behavior in the jail system for 15 years to hosting her own television show.  “A Name to Know” a television show interviewing celebrities, top CEOs and non-profit organizations.


Alicia comes from a set of parents that always taught her that if you can’t be a tree, be the best bush around.  So, in doing that she has worked hard in touching many populations in need.  After retiring from the government, her brother died in 1988 of AIDS. She was determined to dedicate the rest of her life to providing HIV/AIDS preventive education to our youth, especially in the minority communities.  She worked for Nassau County Department of Health, HIV Bureau for 13 years as a Health Educator and developed a peer support group for children infected with the virus of HIV.  After so many hospital visits and funerals, she became a consultant to school districts across the region and continues to provide training and presentations today while working on her documentary due to debut 12/1/23, called, “When Was the Last Time You Saw a Red Ribbon”?  


With a desire in her heart to work with veterans, she became the first Black/Hispanic officer at the Bay Shore American Legion and continues to support the efforts and interests of veterans. Having spent two years working with Congressman Steve Israel (first term), it gave her an opportunity to build relationships with business owners across Long Island through the CDC-LI and HIA-LI.  Through those relationships, she learned of so many who give of themselves outside of their business or job.  This inspired her to begin her own magazine called Innervision Magazine, Intl. which celebrates the spirit of altruism worldwide. She is the Publisher/CEO and uses this magazine to support children of incarcerated parents.

Alicia has a beautiful 35-year-old daughter, Ava Anise who is a professional actress and singer.  Alicia now a 5-year newlywed, focuses on her new life with her husband, Pastor Leslie Lambert but she will never put out the fire in her bones for the disadvantaged populations.


When asked how she is doing, her reply is always “I’m on Top of the World” because she feels by saying that she is making someone happy, one heart at a time.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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